Review: Smashbox Brow Tech To Go in Brunette

I always love me a good two-in-one and this brow product seemed like a fantastic option for travel: a brow pencil and gel all in one tube? Win! But not so fast. One side contains a little wand with clear brow gel that you can unscrew and out pops the wand. I liked this. The tiny wand works great for brows and the gel performed well. The other side contains the pencil. You pop off the cap and see - what the heck?  It's triangular. And thick. How on earth they expect you to fill in brows naturally with this clunky thing, I have no idea. The color was a decent match for me. I got Brunette and normally have issues with brunette shades being too warm, but this one worked ok. It was the shape and thickness of the pencil that did me in. It was impossible to get a natural look because the strokes were inevitably too thick, particularly for filling in the tail of my brow. It's a shame because the concept for the product was great. Execution simply fell flat.


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