Review: See by Chloe

A lot of people who are into niche fragrances automatically dismiss anything found in a department store, but I think that's a mistake. Sure, a lot of them smell the same, but there are some gems out there. For me, See by Chloe is one. This is a soft, green floral with fruity topnotes. Don't worry, if you object to fruit, it's gone quickly. I get apple and bergamot in the top notes, then sun-warmed apple blossoms in the middle.  There is a touch of ylang ylang in here and sandalwood in the base. I find it appropriate for work or play. It reminds me of spring, my favorite season. It's not especially longlasting just applied to the skin, but if I spray the back of my neck, it will waft around me all day. Topping all that off, the bottle is adorable - inspired by vintage birdcages. And did I mention it comes in 30 ml and only cost me about $25?  Hard to beat that.


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