Review: Nars Satin Lip Pencil in Rikugien

I received a mini version of this "pencil" for the Sephora birthday gift. Although it is packaged as a pencil, the formula is very much that of a lipstick, and a very nice one, at that. I found the texture to be silky smooth, the wear pretty decent, and the color very flattering. Indeed, everything about this product made me want to dash off for more colors...except for the packaging.  Why, oh why, would Nars manufacture a creamy product that has to be SHARPENED? Do you know what happens when you try to put a lipstick-like product into a sharpener?  Gunk. everywhere. I found this to be a total disaster and wrote off buying any of these entirely. It really is a shame they had to ruin a perfectly good formula by putting into such inane and completely impractical packaging.


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