Review: Imaginary Authors Yesterday Haze

If you haven't tried anything from the niche brand Imaginary Authors, get out there and buy the sample pack - this line has something for everyone, and even if you are the rare soul who can't find a perfect match, the sampling is going to be a fun, interesting experience. I especially like the originality and relative affordability of the line. Retail on a full bottle runs about $85, which is competitive even with department store scents, and you can often pick them up for 20% off at online retailer Parfum1.
Yesterday Haze is a fig scent. I do love fig, so it's an easy sell for me. But where most fig perfumes focus on the greenness of the fig tree, resplendent with sappy leaves and aromatic wood, this one plays up the fruit. This is a lush, jammy fig with a dose of cream and a hint of nuttiness.  I adore it. It does exceptionally well in the heat but I am happy to wear it year round. Lasting power is very good, with a few spritzes in the neck area giving me a good 6 hours of sillage.

If you'd like to purchase a decant of this fragrance to try, see this page for prices and directions to order.


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