Review: Eau de Cartier Zeste de Soleil

I freakin' love passionfruit. It looks alien and kind of disgusting with its neon orange pulp and abundant black seeds, but the flavor is like sunshine. It's tart, tropical, and a bit floral. So last year, during the depths of winter, I saw Cartier Zeste de Soleil for sale at a ridiculously low price on I had never tried it, but I saw a passionfruit note and was totally sold.  Fortunately, this was one blind buy that worked out exceedingly well. It is the truest passionfruit note I have ever smelled. This is a zesty, pick-me-up type of scent that is not very complex but does what it's supposed to: it makes you smile and gives you energy. I like to wear it year-round, though I've found the passionfruit does wilt a wee bit in the summer heat, and the yuzu notes kind of take it over.

If you'd like to order a decant of this fragrance to try, please see this page for prices and directions to order.


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