Review: Clinique Chubby Lash Fattening Mascara in Limited Edition Colors

I've never been a big colored mascara fan, but when I saw these on Sephora's site, I had to try them because of the glowing reviews. I ordered black honey and plum, hoping they'd bring out the green and gold in my eyes. I usually like Clinique mascara - their formulas tend to be some of the few on earth that don't smudge on me. These were a letdown for a few reasons.  First, let's look at that brush.  It's fat and has minuscule bristles; I found it really difficult to apply.  Second, let's talk about the colors' performance. I have brown lashes that are blonde at the tips. I'd probably be a better candidate for a colored mascara if my lashes were blonde the whole way through, but the point is, color should at least show up easily on the ends of my lashes. This didn't. Well, it did at first.  This formula on first application is really exciting. Both colors were subtle but definitely enhanced my eye color in a new way...until the mascara fully dried. Then it just looked like a faint black that did absolutely nothing for me. Aside from the disappointing performance of the color, the formula is ok. It did not flake or smudge, but it also didn't make my lashes look special in any way.  All in all, these were a pretty big fail and are going back to Sephora.

Black honey on top, plum on bottom


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