Review: By Terry Sheer Expert Foundation

I picked up this foundation a while ago, completely untested and unswatched, from an online boutique's going out of business sale.  It was 75% off the retail price and one of my best blind buys ever. I magically stumbled into a color match in N2 and quite like how the foundation performs.  It is indeed fairly sheer. I would say light coverage that can be built up to medium.  That's how I prefer to wear foundation, anyway - I like a natural look. It contains NO sunscreen, which is excellent. (Sidenote: I have never seen the point of putting sunscreen in foundation; you will never wear enough foundation to reach the SPF coverage advertised and you risk turning off customers who are either sensitive to the sunscreen ingredients or prefer not to look like a ghost in photos. I wear my own sunscreen UNDER my foundation, thank you very much. )  The finish is slightly dewy and the lasting power excellent. 8+ hours for me. It blends easily, doesn't sink into fine lines, and even though it is light coverage, is great for camouflaging imperfections. All that being said, I pretty much only use this while traveling.  The reason is that I prefer the ease of a powder foundation for everyday, but when I travel I hate having to bring any brushes; so, in that case, a liquid foundation I can apply with fingers is just what the dr ordered.


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