This Week's Fragrant Line-up: Decant Edition

As you can see in the photo, this week I am focusing on using up some decants.  I should be able to make good progress on them but doubt I will do them in entirely in just one week (I'm a light sprayer).  Included are:

  • Bourbon French Olive Blossom: so lush and sweetly floral. I bought a full bottle of this in New Orleans and this is all that remains. It smells exactly like the sweet olive trees that were blooming when I was there.
  • Kuumba Made Persian Garden: technically not a decant, just a roll-on. This is my favorite "clean" scent, so I like to add it  into my rotation fairly often.
  • By Kilian Amber Oud: sweet vanilla with a sharp amber twist. This is the last of my refill bottle. I reached for this often in colder weather and am curious to see how it performs in the heat.
  • By Kilian Flower of Immortality: crystalline peach blossom and clean musk, this is a summer favorite. I decanted my refill bottle into a 30 ml atomizer and this is what was left over.


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