Review: Urban Decay Naked Smoky Eyeshadow Palette

This is the 3rd Urban Decay Naked palette I've tried. Naked 1 and Naked 3 were both failures for me because I felt the colors were too close/duplicative to each other.  I hate palettes with shades I won't use. So when I saw this one, I needed to try it because I thought it had a very nice range of quite wearable shades and a surprising number of mattes.

And indeed, I think if the quality lived up to the pricepoint and Urban Decay standard, I would probably keep and use this palette often.  Sadly, the texture and payoff of these shadows is all over the map and some are downright unwearable.  In the swatches below, I had to rub my finger VIGOROUSLY over most of them to get even a hint of color to show up.  Here are mini reviews of each shade after testing on the eyelid:
From top to bottom:

High: one of the best shades in the palette, very reminiscent of the Naked 3 palette, smooth and buttery
Dirtysweet: crumbly on application but lovely once blended
Radar: so mediocre, the payoff is not great on this one
Armor: one of the worst shades. So stiff, barely any payoff except for a few chunks of glitter.
Slanted: very patchy once applied
Dagger: one of the other standouts, very smooth and blendable
Black market: this builds up nicely, a bit tricky to blend but pretty smooth
Smolder: one of the biggest disappointments, almost no payoff
Password: so light, barely visible on the lid because of poor payoff; also feels hard
Whiskey: another one with mediocre payoff, and difficult to blend, to boot
Combust: very nice matte neutral, buttery and smooth
Thirteen: equally nice


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