Review: Nars Blame It On Nars Cheek Palette

I was drawn to this Nars cheek palette for a couple of reasons. First, it has a nice selection of 2 blushes, a highlighter, and a bronzer.  Potentially great for travel. Second, pretty much every other Nars cheek palette I've ever seen has Orgasm blush in it, of which I am not a huge fan. The shades in this palette are: day dream (blush), new attitude (blush), casino (bronzer), satellite of love (highlighter).  It also includes a mini ita kabuki brush, but let's be honest, those things are always useless.  When swatched, this palette looks pretty unimpressive.  As you can see below, pigmentation looks fairly light.  However, I did like the blush and highlighter quite a bit more when applied to the cheeks. New attitude is particularly flattering on me. What kills is is the bronzer.  It's just too dark.  I've tried every which way to try to blend it in, try different placement...and no.  It still looks like I have dirt on my face.  This leaves me with a dilemma: would you keep a palette knowing only 3 of the 4 shades worked for you?


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