Review: MAC Huggables in Love Feeling and Play It Soft

My second foray into the Huggables line turned out better than the first, though I still wound up returning one of these. In the swatches above, you'll find Love Feeling on the left and Play It Soft on the right. In my first Huggable review--of Fashion Force--I noted that we are at a bit of an impasse with these because they are sheer, so the one is tempted to go with only the more vibrant shades in order to get a bit of color on the lips. However, because of the balmy texture, the more pigmented shades tend to sink into lip lines unflatteringly.  I found that to be the case with Love Feeling - it highlighted every little lip imperfection.  Play It Soft, however, was the perfect compromise.  It is a nice MLBB shade for me because it is close to the color of my natural lips but rosier. It lends a lovely rosy sheen and is supremely comfortable to wear. I don't find it lasts terribly long - perhaps three hours - but that's not bad for something so balm-like.


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