Review: Guerlain Meteorites Rainbow Pearls

It's strange to say this, but this is my first foray into the Guerlain Meteorites pearl arena. For someone who enjoys luxury packaging and pretty cosmetics, you would think I'd have gotten me some pearls before this.  Alas, I was never really inspired by the ones in the regular line and previous limited edition releases have been either the wrong color or too sparkly. This summer's Rainbow Pearls, however, seemed promising.  They come in a lovely metal tin with a perfectly worthless puff and an array of multi-hued shimmering balls that when swirled together purport to give you a flawless finish.  I applied them with my Chikuhodo powder brush, swirling it over them to get a good variety of colors and then tapping off the excess.  I used the pearls like a finishing powder, dusting all over the face.  The result was not awful but also not ideal.  They definitely have a nice blurring effect, whispering over imperfections and lending a brightness to the skin.  However, they are too shiny for me.  I look as though I applied highlighter to my entire face.  I know some people enjoy an effect like this but for me, it's too garish.  What I find especially shocking is that other reviewers say these are more SUBTLE than the regular line.  If that's the case, I think I can safely say Meteorites are probably not for me, no matter how much I might lust after one of those beautiful cases for my vanity.

Difficult to tell much of anything in the pic below, but I swiped the puff along my arm to attempt to show the shimmery effect.


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