Review: Etre Belle Aloe Vera Moisturizing Gel

I received this item in a recent Glossybox and was unimpressed initially.  A brand I'd never heard of, an unappetizing green goo, no exciting antioxidant-type ingredients, and a floral scent.  This all seemed to add up to something I wouldn't like.  However, I finished my last day cream one hot, humid day and thought I'd give this gel-type product a try as my day moisturizer.  I could not have been more impressed and continue to like it after a week's usage.  The gel goes on the skin easily and has a visible smoothing effect.  I have a few fine lines that this stuff made disappear all day.  It gives my face a dewy, healthy glow - so if you want a matte finish, be prepared to powder over it or find something else.  I have had no breakouts or dullness, either.  It's not going to do anything amazing, like fade sun spots or permanently get rid of wrinkles, but for a daily dose of pretty, it is quite possibly my new favorite summer moisturizer.


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