This Week's Fragrance Rotation

Since I'm back from vacation, I've resumed my four fragrance weekly rotations.  This week it is projected to be HOT, so I've chosen accordingly. On deck this week:

  • Creed Virgin Island Water: my go-to beach scent. It's a nice, light coconut with a kick of zesty lime and a hint of salt. Hmm, sounds like a tall drink of that would be pretty good, right?
  • Ormonde Jayne Taif: this is a brand new bottle so I've never tested it in the heat, but it reminds me of a desert rose, and it should bloom in this weather. A rich, winey rose with a sweet date note.
  • Gendarme Carriere: the epitome of clean. 
  • Cadentia Vetiver: I received a sample of this long, long ago and loved it and have *finally* tracked down a bottle for myself. It's a cool, refreshing vetiver that leans green rather than smoky. 

What will YOU wear this week? :)


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