Review: Rouge Bunny Rouge Seas of Tranquility

I'm baaaaaaaaaaack!  I had an amazing vacation but I hope you're ready for some reviews!  I took only a few makeup items with me on my trip and missed my pretty stash. Today it is hot hot hot and sunny, so it seemed the perfect day to test out a new highlighter: Rouge Bunny Rouge Seas of Tranquility.  This is the slightly pink toned version of the very popular Sea of Clouds. True to their reputation, these highlighters rock. They can be as subtle or as obvious as you want them to be because they are liquid and blend extremely well. If you want just a tiny sheen on key points of the face, a teeny weeny dot will do ya, and blend blend blend. You can see with the edges of the blended swatch above that it does start to disappear into the skin nicely, whereas the middle which is far less blended is still very obvious. I am pretty sure, given the huge bottle this comes in, and the tiny amount you need, that one bottle would last you many years. Go get one!


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