Review: Burberry Kisses Lipstick in Devon Sunset

Burberry makes a divine packaging, that is for sure, and I really like their lip velvets. Those two things seduced me into buying Devon Sunset, from the Kisses line. It looks like a pretty peachy pink, perfect for summer. I knew the Kisses line was supposed to be sheer, but I didn't realize it was basically going to do nothing for me at all. I mean, look at the swatch above on my pale arm. Can you imagine how little that color shows up on pigmented lips?  Or any lips, for that matter?  Yeah. I found this lipstick to be basically useless. The most I can say for it, is it did no harm. The formula is not drying, and the nonexistent color did not make my lips look weird. Perhaps the darker shades are better.


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