Review: Wet n Wild Reserve Your Cabana Bronzer

I don't pick stuff up at the drugstore that often because I usually find that what I buy there goes unused compared to my higher end things. However, this bronzer has received so many raves in other makeup venues that I had to try it.  Oddly, it's not really a bronzer.  As you can see by the swatch, it is very very light and much more suited to use as a highlighter for me. It is VERY nice in that usage. Subtle but wonderful at adding a sheen to the cheekbones and temples. It's silky and light and hard to overdo. Not bad for under $5. Also, check out the size of the thing - it is HUGE. I compared it with my Guerlain bronzer and it's at least a third bigger, for a tiny fraction of the price. You cannot deny the value of this product.  All in all, I consider this a very good buy as long as you are not expecting it to actually bronze anything.


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