Review: Tom Ford Eyeshadow Quad in Nude Dip

This quad is a great example of how making something limited edition can instantly increase its desirability and compensate for a whole lotta flaws. Tom Ford recently re-released Nude Dip, so I ordered one based on the salivating, fawning reviews. It looked like a nice cool neutral quad that'd work well on my complexion.  Well, it does, in theory - the shades are a nice range for me. And the lower two shades, worn together?  Very nice. Smooth texture, good longevity, nice blendability. My issue is with the top two shades. The pink tinted one is so sheer as to be nearly nonexistent, except for the chunky glitter it haphazardly deposits. The champagne shade is smoother but soooo sparkly. I don't understand. Why create a neutral quad, which most customers would understandably want to wear during the day, and make two of the shadows totally inappropriate for that environment? I don't care if it's the unicorn of the makeup world: it's going back to Nordstrom.


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