Review: Suqqu EX-25 Haruhinata Eyeshadow Quad

Haruhinata can't quite decide what it wants to be - Easter egg or vamp. As you can see, it leans decidedly towards Easter egg. The shadows are pretty typically Suqqu: sheer and shimmery. I found this quad a touch disappointing though because the pastel shades are pretty similar, which limits the layering combinations you can do to create custom shades.  This is a real strength in some of the other Suqqu quads. The peachy orange shade was the worst of the bunch--barely even there--while I liked the lilac best. The lilac layered well with all of the other shades. All told, though, I'd skip this one if I were you - at the Suqqu pricepoint, there are much better options out there.


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