Review: Lostmarch Aod EDT

For a very long while, I didn't even attempt to sample this because I assumed it had aoud in it, based on the name. Oh, how wrong I was. Aod is the farthest thing from aoudy. If you are searching for a non-sweet beachy fragrance, this should be next on your list to sample. It says it has grapefruit in the top notes, but I detect none; instead, I get a combination of white flowers and driftwood. As it dries down, the tiniest bit of coconut comes out to play. It's very subtle and not at all suntan oily. A bit of salt and aquatic notes drift around it, rather like a coconut bobbing in the ocean. Like most Lostmarch fragrances, it is not particularly tenacious; however, it comes in a big bottle at a pretty reasonable price (for niche), so you can reapply with guiltless abandon.


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