Review: Guerlain Terracotta Le Parfum

Terracotta is a limited edition fragrance Guerlain released to commemorate 30 years of its Terracotta bronzer line. It is beachy and summery--appropriate, given its inspiration. It opens with a blast of jasmine. I find this jasmine fairly indolic, which I don't normally mind, but for some reason in this version it is a tad offputting. Then the coconut comes out. It's a sweet fragrance, and sweet coconut, which smells like coconut milk to me. No icky plastic notes like some coconut fragrances have. The base is a coconut-laden vanilla with a hint of dry wood.  The entire fragrance somehow manages to convey a certain warmth - very much a feeling of sun-warmed skin.  I think that's kinda cool.  And Guerlain undeniably does bottles really well; the design of this one is simple but compellingly evocative of the sun. Yet, with all these advantages, Terracotta doesn't grab me. I don't need to own it. I don't think I'd often reach for it...and I can't quite pinpoint why. I don't think it's the indolic jasmine, because the indoles fade pretty quickly. Sometimes, I guess it just comes down to a matter of taste.


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