Review: Givenchy Rouge A Porter Corail Decollete

I am a big fan of Givenchy Le Rouges, so when I saw the Rouge a Porter line, a sheer balmy lip product, I had to try them. I always compare tinted balm-type products to Fresh, which I consider the best because they are both moisturizing and nicely tinted. The Rouge a Porters are...ok.  If I didn't have several of the Fresh, I would probably be pretty pleased with them. It is definitely a sheer veil of color but the lips are definitely tinted. The packaging is FAR nicer than Fresh, similar to the Le Rouge packaging but slimmer. Rouge a Porters have a slightly tackier, almost jelly-like finish that is different from the Fresh balms. They wear fairly well. Longevity is unsurprisingly a bit of a problem with a product like this.  Still, all that I can forgive in a tinted balm. What I didn't care for so much and where Fresh wins unequivocally is in the moisture factor. My lips after wearing a Fresh balm, tinted or no, feel moisturized and soft. My lips when the Rouge a Porter wears off feel dry and generally in need of a good balm.  So, I will not be acquiring any more of these; with Givenchy, I'll stick to my beloved Le Rouge.


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