Review: Givenchy Organza Fleur d'Oranger 2006

I don't like reviewing fragrances that are hard to obtain because I think it's kinda unfair to y'all, but this one still pops up on ebay now and again for not too obscene prices. It bears no strong relation to its namesake, Organza, really - it's one of those endless Givenchy flankers.  But the orange blossom note in this beauty is the purest, most spectacular orange blossom I've ever sampled. It is bright and sunny, sweet and sultry. It mostly stands alone, but for a hint of narcissus and hay.  The restraint of the perfumer is commendable in not muddying up a very good thing.  If you like orange blossom and come across this one, I highly recommend snatching it up - you won't regret it.


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