Review: Dolce and Gabbana Passioneyes Mascara

This is reportedly a volumizing and curling mascara.  I can say it does both reasonably well. It is a black formula with a slight gloss to it. The mascara is prone to some clumping but that is easily worked through. The curl is nice for a few hours but then I find my lashes fall a bit flat. I had no irritation with this formula and found it very easy to remove. A little TOO easy - some days I wound up with smudges. The wand is plastic and pretty simple in design. I like it - the slight curve makes it easy to use.  Overall, this is a very decent mascara at a kind of outrageous price. Seriously, it has a pretty tube but for something you throw out every few months, who cares about that? And I have found several drugstore formulas that are superior, such as NYX Doll Eyes. It was fun to try but I'm going to pass on any repurchases.


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