Review: Clarins Instant Light Lip Balm Perfector in Orange

I have been trying for years to find a Clarins cosmetics product I really like. I like the company - family owned, classy, nice yet understated packaging. These lip perfector things have been getting raves in the makeup blogosphere, so I tried the orange color thinking it'd be nice for summer. The consistency is very much a lip balm.  Soft, slightly waxy, emollient. The color is dismal. You can see in the swatch on my pale, pale arm, it's barely showing up.  So unless you have lips the shade of a piece of paper, this is going to do nothing for you except act as a lip balm - and it's ok at that but you can get much less expensive lip balms.  For that matter, you can get less expensive and BETTER tinted lip balms (Fresh comes to mind). The nail in its coffin for me is the scent - a cloying, awful vanilla. MAC lip products also smell like vanilla but I don't mind those; this rendition is so intrusive and pervasive and SWEET, it made me a bit queasy.  Back to Nordstrom it goes.


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