Review: Chanel Le Stylo in Laurier Rose

I don't think I have ever been so torn on an eyeshadow. This limited edition stick shadow from Chanel is utterly amazing. It glides effortlessly over the skin, like liquid silk. I exerted no pressure at all to get this totally opaque swatch. It sets quickly - very quickly, so act fast if you want to blend it out at all on your lids - and once set, it does not budge. My problem is this: as utterly gorgeous as it looks on my arm, that pink on my eyes makes me look like I have a strange disease. I can make it work if I layer it with other colors, but that makes it less versatile than I'd like. One of the great things about a stick eyeshadow is its grab and go potential: you can throw it in your travel bag and do either a quick, light wash of color or layer it up and smoke it out a bit. I can't do that with Laurier Rose and I am determined to have a small makeup collection, so the question is, do I keep a product that I find marvelous but needs a bit of work to work on me?  I don't know yet. I do know I am ordering more colors, though, because this formula is superb.


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