Review: Wayne Goss Eye Brush Number 18

This is the first and only Wayne Goss brush I will be purchasing.  Here's why: when you look at this brush, it looks like pine squirrel hair, right?  Not goat - goat hair brushes are typically white. But no - what Wayne Goss has done here, and in the rest of his brush line, is take goat hair and dye it to look like squirrel hair. They don't really advertise strongly that they're goat, either - it's very deceptive. It wasn't until I received the brush and noticed that it was not as soft as my other squirrel hair brushes that I investigated. That annoyed me from the start.  Its performance didn't help matters.

The size and shape of this brush makes it roughly competitive with the MAC 239. I'm not a huge fan of MAC brushes, but the 239 is a great workhorse for laying down color on the lid. It's a simple job and it does it well. This brush does it poorly. It's thinner than the 239, which I found made it apply color less evenly. It also gives it a sort of sharp, thin edge along the end and gave me a very clear line in the crease that had to be assiduously blended out. I don't have to do this with the 239. Unless you are into very editorial eye looks, I don't think you will want a dark, harsh line of eyeshadow in your crease, either. So ok, maybe its sharp edges will be good for eyeliner or smudging shadow along the lashline?  Nope, too big and too soft for that. Basically, I can't find anything that this brush does better than other brushes in my wardrobe - or even anything that it does well. Very disappointed.


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