Review: Surratt Duchesse and Aureole Blush

Technically, Surratt markets both of these as blush, even though one is very clearly a highlighter.  Meet Surratt Duchesse (top) and Aureole (bottom). The newest craze in blushes, these just came in stock at Sephora.  Unfortunately for me, I bought them when they were only at Barneys...and thus can't return. Let's start with the packaging: it is so annoying. The packaging they come in is very flimsy so you are basically forced to buy the compact.  But guess what?  It's not magnetized.  Oh no - you have to use little stickers on the back of the blushes to attach them to the compact.  And what does that mean?  It means you are stuck with that duo no matter what - can't swap anything out.  Use one up?  Deal with it until you use up its mate.  This drives me absolutely bonkers because it is SO unnecessary. Troy Surratt should know better.

On to the formula of the products themselves.  I found them mediocre.  I am pale but Duchesse had to be layered quite a bit to show up on my skin.  This is a color that should definitely be visible on me, but it was so faint. The swatch you see below was multiple finger swatches, blended out. Aureole did nothing for me whatsoever - I found my $4 Wet n Wild highlighter superior to this one.  Seriously, don't buy into the hype for this brand - it is mediocre at best, with much more than mediocre pricing.


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