Review: Mally Lip Magnifier in Punch

This is one of those lipstick crayon things that I haven't fully bought into.  Here's the deal with this one: the texture is just like a lipstick, so there is really no reason not to put it into a nice tube that you can twist up.  Instead, in crayon form, I will need to sharpen it once it wears down, and let me tell you I really don't relish the idea of gunking up my UD Grindhouse with lipstick.  It also limits the product's mobility - I'm not going to haul a sharpener around to freshen the thing up.

OK, so my complaints about the packaging aside, this is actually very nice on the lips. I found the formula to be longlasting and, while not exactly moisturizing, not drying, either. The color is very pretty--a shimmering rose pink.  Given those pluses, I will probably use this one up but would not purchase more; there are too many great options out there for lips that don't come with this packaging annoyance.


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