Review: Jo Malone Lily of the Valley and Ivy Cologne

Meet the member of the Jo Malone Rock the Ages collection that I ordered and kept: Lily of the Valley and Ivy Cologne.  I normally shy away from lily of the valley-centric fragrances because the aromachemical that most perfumers use to approximate that note reads as scratchy and awful to my nose. However, something told me I might like this one, and I was right. This is a soft white t-shirt of a scent - it's not fancy, but it's comfortable and flattering and goes with nearly everything.  A soapy green ivy with a bitter, sparkly grapefruit edge opens this fragrance. As it dries down, the grapefruit dissipates (as citrus notes are wont to do). The ivy stays, intertwined with a clean white musk. I also get a hint of beeswax, very mellow, in the drydown. I don't smell any lily of the valley, but I don't really know what to sniff for other than that awful scratchy note I've found in other fragrances (Diorissimo, I'm looking at you). Is lily of the valley green and dewy? If so, maybe I'm confusing it with the ivy. Regardless, I quite like this scent; if it interests you, run to Nordstrom now because the Jo Malone limited edition collections always sell out.

If you missed the boat on buying a bottle and would like to purchase a decant, see this page for prices and directions on how to order.


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