Review: Diptyque Florabellio

Florabellio is a weird fragrance.  When I saw the combination of notes, I knew I had to at least try it: apple blossom, coffee, marine accord, toasted sesame. I usually really like apple blossom-heavy fragrances.  See by Chloe is a great example of one such specimen. The rest is...somewhat more questionable for me, but I was hoping it'd blend together into something weirdly magical.  What I actually get from Florabellio is just plain weird.  The marine accord is definitely the most prominent note for me.  It's softly aquatic with a certain saltiness.  But then the coffee comes out.  It's not a very sharp or pronounced coffee note, but rather a strange sweet earthiness that merges with the marine accord in a distinctly queasy fashion.  This combination grows in strength as the scent dries down. I get no toasted sesame at all - and I'm glad.  That might have pushed me over the edge into full blown nausea.  I think marine accords and food smells just should not be merged...ever.


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