Review: Suqqu Eyeshadow Quad in 02 Kokedama

What features of a beauty item are guaranteed to make you lust after it unreasonably?  Item 1: limited edition.  This quad, fortunately, is permanent.  But it does feature item 2: only available in x country that is not where I live.  Suqqu, as far as I know, can only be found in the UK and Japan.  It is also ridiculously expensive and raved about on pretty much every makeup forum on the planet.  Ergo, it was only a matter of time before I caved and bought some.  I procured mine on ebay, at obnoxious markup.  Kokedama is very much in the same vein as Tom Ford Sahara Haze, with which I recently fell in love; subtle green tints in neutrals.  I'd say this palette is cooler-toned than Sahara Haze and more subtle.  It has a bright matte white intended as a base shade, one khaki matte, one greener shimmery shade, and a light green shimmery shade.  My first impression of the texture of these shadows was instant infatuation.  They are SO silky to swatch - I could not wait to get them on the eyes.  Unfortunately, there was no depth of color or longevity once applied.  I found the colors ran into each other too easily and just looked muddy and uniform.  The lasting power, even with primer, was unimpressive.  I expected more from a $90 quad, but the good news is I should be able to unload it pretty easily.  And the other good news is, the other Suqqu quad I purchased exceeded my expectations (review forthcoming!).


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