Review: Suqqu EX-21 Eyeshadow Palette

This is a limited edition Suqqu palette but can still be found at "regular" Suqqu prices on ebay and perhaps some retailers.  I adore this palette.  The fact that each compartment contains 2 shades, which can be worn alone or layered to create new colors, is genius to me.  Add to that the fact that the eyeshadows are silky and beautifully wearable, and for me we have a winner.  I can wear the darker shades as a liner, and the lightest shade as a highlighter, also, which adds to the palette's versatility and value.
Here you have swatches of each shade layered with its twin:

And here you have them individually:

My only complaint with Suqqu is that for the price point, I expect more luxe packaging.  Yes, black is sleek and elegant, but the compact is rather flimsy in feel and I think could use some more thoughtful touches.


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