Review: Nars Wind Dancer & Julep Hartleigh Nail Polish

Beware of sales associates and subscription boxes bearing gifts, is the key takeaway from this post.  Julep Hartleigh - the glittery polish on the left - came in my recent glossy box delivery.  Nars Wind Dancer - the orange sherbet colored one on the right - was a free gift from my Barneys SA. Both of these polishes are utter crap.  The Nars is so sheer, even when layered in multiple coats, that all it does is lend a sickly yellowish tinge to the nails that is quite frankly, gross.  But once I had it on, I didn't feel like taking it off and wasting all that effort - so I figured I could use it as a basecoat for the Julep glitter polish.  Well, the Julep glitter made it worse.  I don't know how they can make something look so cute in the bottle and so awful applied.  All that comes out on the brush are these little white dots and a few tiny silver flecks, which lent my toes a lovely white speckled, fungus-y look.  There are red heart particles in there, too, and I had to really dig them out and press them on in order to avoid the appearance of having some awful toenail disease.  Be warned: toe picture ahead.



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