Review: Jo Malone Geranium and Verbena Cologne

I am such a sucker for limited edition Jo Malones.  They are, on the whole, fragrances to which it is hard to object, at worst - and at best they are absolutely wonderful.  That said, I have not been utterly wowed by the most recent limited edition offerings, so was a little warier than usual of the new Rock the Ages collection.  I was swayed by the pretty packaging, however, and wound up ordering a pair of them.  Today I am reviewing Geranium and Verbena Cologne.  Like most of the permanent line, this one is pretty true to its name.  The top notes are utterly lemon verbena and utterly geranium leaf - quite soapy at times and not the most innovative combination, but very pleasant.  It really reminds me of a kitchen garden on a sunny day. The drydown is a bit more interesting, but in a way I'm not entirely sure I feel good about.  There is a dry, almost sharp vetiver note that emerges that really turns this from a unisex fragrance to something more masculine.  It's not overwhelming, so you might be able to ignore it if you want, but when I give my wrist a good, close whiff, it does make me recoil slightly. I'm torn on this note because I think it does give an otherwise unremarkable perfume an interesting twist, but at the same time, may make that perfume unwearable for me.


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