Review: Giorgio Armani Master Corrector in Peach

I cannot count how many undereye concealers I've been through and found wanting.  To get a concealer to get rid of my dark circles, I need to apply an amount that inevitably ends up settling into fine lines I didn't know I had, and I'm left with a conundrum: would I rather look tired or aging?  I really wish I had discovered correctors sooner.  Because correctors use pigment to basically cancel out the color you wish to conceal, you only need a tiny amount of them.  I find this Armani Corrector utterly magical.  It is a very thin fluid and I dab a small, small dot under each eye and then blend where I have blue circles.  The peach color erases the blue and disappears into my skin.  (Hint: this works if you have redness, too - get yourself a green corrector and let the pigment work its magic.) Just be careful to apply sparingly and only blend where you have color to correct - as you can see in the swatch below, it doesn't exactly blend in with my natural, unblemished skin.


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