Review: Kevyn Aucoin Matte Lip Color in Timeless

This is my first foray into Kevyn Aucoin's lipstick range.  I've heard good things about the matte line from my favorite youtubers and when I saw this beautiful orange red shade at Nordstrom, I had to try it.  Oh my goodness, this color is divine.  Not quite a red and not quite an orange, it's one of the few shades this vibrant that I've ever put on and felt immediately comfortable in.  For that reason alone, of course, I have to keep it.  There are other things to love about it, too.  This matte formula is light as air - not drying in the slightest.  And it glides as easily onto the lips as my beloved Givenchy Le Rouges.  But I do have a few nitpicks.  For one, the packaging is askew - the lipstick is a bit misaligned in the tube.  For another, it does stay on a long time BUT when it fades, it fades unevenly.  I will want to keep the tube and a compact handy to check it frequently when I wear it and touch up as needed.  Still, there are some things worth a bit of a fuss and this is one.


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