Review: Burberry Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base in Nude Radiance

On my ongoing Burberry binge, I decided to try their primer; Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base in 01 Nude Radiance.  This comes in two shades and this is the lighter, cooler one.  I like the idea of being luminous.  My idea of luminous is a lit from within, healthy, possibly a bit dewy skin.  What I do not envision is looking like a disco ball. See swatches below - one blended and one not.  The sparkle with this stuff is out of control.  I applied it to my face and blanched - I thought, ok, don't panic, maybe with foundation on top it'll just peek through enough to be luminous but toned down.  Nope. Foundation just covers it up (thankfully) but now I just can't see the point.  Big fat thumbs down on this one--it is more like a highlighter than a primer.


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