Review: Make Up For Ever Artist Eyeshadow Palette

I have been eagerly waiting for Sephora to restock this limited edition palette from Make Up For Ever.  It's their first palette with the new artist shadows and I lurrrrve them, so I figured it was a can't lose.  Boy was I wrong.  First, I wasn't crazy about the packaging in photos and in person I think it's even less attractive.  However, I didn't buy this palette for the packaging.  I bought it for these gems:

Pretttttty.  And when I swatched them, I was sure it was going to be a hit.  However, after playing with them on my eyes, I find this particular selection of shades kind of disappointing.  They are a bit of a mish mash, color-wise.  With the exception of the 3 neutrals on the end, I find it hard to put together a complete eye look with this color selection.  I just seem to be constantly reaching for another palette to add one thing or another.  And those vibrant teal and purple shades?  Poor pigmentation when applied with a brush.  Indeed, they are the first disappointments in the artist range for me.  So, I will be returning this.  However, I would still suggest folks try it - it has gotten rave reviews from a lot of other people, so maybe I am just spoiled by the full size MUFE artist shadows I have.
Finger swatches of a few shades:


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