Review: Burberry Blush in Cameo and Peony

Cameo on left, Peony on right

I am coming around to be a fan of Burberry.  I recently ordered a sampling of their makeup from Nordstrom to try and really like the wearable colors and luxe packaging.  Clearly, this brand is about understated quality, and I've found some new loves in the eye and lip lines.  So it was with some disappointment that I found the blushes were nothing special.  Are they good?  Yes, perfectly fine blushes.  Should they knock my socks off at this price point?  A resounding yes.  I ordered Cameo, a muted dusty pink, and Peony, a brighter neutral pink.  Both are shades that should work well on my complexion, and they did.  However, I didn't find they blended as well as my Lancome or Chanel blushes and they kind of just sat on my cheeks.  I was not wowed by their longevity, either. It's odd because the powder seems so soft and lovely in the pan, I thought this would go well.  Instead, I find myself sending both blushes back.




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