Review: Nars Audacious Lipstick in Brigitte

Another one bites the dust from my Sephora VIB haul.  You're looking at Brigitte from the Nars Audacious lipstick line.  I know people who are going nuts about these lipsticks, buying a gazillion colors.  I don't get it.  There are some good things I will say: the packaging is fantastic.  Sleek, black with a magnetic cap that gives a satisfying click when closed.  The color range is also pretty amazing and Brigitte is a lovely rose pink with a hint of peach to it.  The formula has some slip so you don't have to fight with it to apply. It's not the most pigmented lipstick I've ever encountered, but neither is it the least - in 2-3 passes, it yields a nice color.  But it disappears in a heartbeat, leaving nary a stain behind.  That's my main beef with it - longevity.  Well that and it made my lips tingle in a kind of unpleasant way (not sure what that's about).  Really, though, I wore this at a time of day when I was not eating or drinking and I swear not even an hour passed before it had mysteriously evaporated from my lips. There are so many better formulas out there, I just don't see the point of keeping this.  Even if it's a pretty color...


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