Review: Givenchy Ange ou Demon Le Secret Poesie d'un Parfum d'Hiver

As you can see, I am feeling like 'tis the season again. It's cold outside, I've got my Christmas candle burning, and I'm wearing Givenchy Ange ou Demon Le Secret Poesie d'un Parfum d'Hiver. That is quite honestly one of the longest, most ridiculous fragrance names I've ever encountered, but there you have it.  It does smell quite good. It's one of the endless Ange ou Demon flankers which isn't currently in production, but you can still find occasionally on ebay for not a lot of money.  I have two words for you folks: lemony gingerbread.   Seriously, this smells to me like rich, unctuous gingerbread with fluffy lemon icing.  It's wonderful, especially in cold weather.  Not hugely complex, nor terribly longlasting, but for the $40-some I paid for it, I'll take it and be merry.

If you'd like to try a decant of this fragrance, please see this page for prices and ordering instructions.


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