Review: Shiseido Camellia Blush/Highlighter Compact

I recently found this Shiseido Camellia compact on ebay and thought it looked fun and pretty, so I sprang for it.  I believe it was a limited edition release from a few years ago.  You can still find more on ebay if you are interested but my advice would be, don't bother.  The idea is you can use the white shade for a highlight, and either the pink and red shades separately as blush, or swirled all together.
The first thing I did was brush off the obnoxious glitter overspray.  I hate when companies do that.  Then I attempted to swatch.  Neither the highlight shade nor the pink were willing to show up on camera with any kind of blush brush.  To give you swatches of those, i'd have had to use a sponge or a finger, and since no one applies blush that way, I think that'd be misleading, so I'm not gonna do it.  I did get the red shade to show it and it looks like this:

The texture is a bit dry and crumbly, but it does blend pretty well.  Overall, I'd say this one is a big no for me, and I've learned my lesson buying untried makeup off ebay.


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