Review: Chanel Rose Bronze and Jersey Blush

(Left: Rose Bronze, Right: Jersey)

I forgot how good Chanel blush is. I have a cream blush and used to have Espiegle in powder form. I loved it so much, I used it up.  I'm not a blush addict and don't stockpile them like I do lipsticks, so I never replaced my Chanel Joues Contraste. Then, a few weeks ago I was perusing Nordstrom and went for it. Sitting side by side, Rose Bronze and Jersey look fairly similar.  Rose Bronze is a bit pinker, Jersey more peachy nude.  Swatched, the similarity is even a bit more apparent:

(Top: Rose Bronze, Bottom: Jersey)

I swatched these with a blush brush.  I know it doesn't yield the vibrant, opaque swatches most bloggers have, but those always tend to frustrate me because that is NOT how you wear the blush on your cheeks, so how helpful is it, really?  Anyway, both of these blushes have the fine mill that you'd expect of Chanel. They're easy to wear - not so pigmented that you have to fight with them to avoid clown face, nor would I call them sheer. Rose Bronze, as you see here, is pinker on the skin than Jersey and slightly less shimmery. I was hoping Jersey might lean a tad peachier, though, or more nude.  I think I probably don't need both of these, but am torn as to which one to keep.  What do you think?


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