Review: Ellen Tracy Bronze

Sometimes I like to walk on the wild side and order a bottle of some cheap thrill unsniffed.  More often than not, that bottle winds up in the swap bin--but sometimes I'll get a winner.  Ellen Tracy Bronze is one of those gambles that paid off.  This is a lovely, vastly underpriced fragrance that is especially sultry in the summer.  It starts out with a sweet citrus and honeysuckle opening; yes, it's fruity and floral.  Turn up your noses as ye will.  The dry down is vanillic and musky and round.  There are no sharp edges in this fragrance.  It coasts along gently and sits on the skin softly - not a lot of sillage (for me, good) but longevity is not a problem on my skin.  Not bad for an impulsive Amazon buy.


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