Review: Cle de Peau Eyeshadow Quad #302

This is what I get, I suppose, for trusting the reviews of other bloggers who get press samples and are so eager to continue getting them that they rave about a product that is really rather terrible.  Cle de Peau's new eyeshadow quads have been getting a lot of positive talk recently, so I added this one to my Barneys beauty event order.  It's #302 and I was really excited to try it because the two darker colors look pretty and unique, in particular (though I like the whole shebang).  It's what you might call a splurge - Cle de Peau prices the quads at $55 and if that's not enough wallet-gouging, you have to buy the case separately for $25.  And the quads are not magnetized, so beware how you hold the thing, lest you drop your $55 eyeshadow quad and watch in horror as it shatters (not that I have personal experience with that, or anything).
Speaking of that case, here is what it looks like.  It's...fine.  Guerlain cases are much prettier.  So are Tom Ford and Clarins.  Frankly, I think if they're going to make you pay extra for it, they should gussy it up a bit.

On to the swatches.  I was horribly disappointed in the payoff and texture of these shadows.  By far the best performer is the lightest shade, on the left in the quad.  It's smooth and buttery, not glittery, an excellent highlight shade.  But the rest were crumbly and I had to really layer on the color for it to show at all.  They also look quite different from the color in the pan. Swatched, they become muddy and far less brilliant.  Here they are (I swatched starting from the right-most shade at the top):

As you can see, that wonderful duochrome bronzey olive green color in the pan (second from bottom on my arm, above) is actually kind of a lackluster bronze when worn.  The darker rose color is pretty and was not the most egregiously crumbley, so I will probably pair it with the highlight shade most often.  I cannot emphasize enough how much fallout you should expect in using the 2 darker shades.  Great clods of pigment were rolling down my arm as I swatched.  Terrible, terrible, Cle de Peau.


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