Review: Parfums de Nicolai Musc Monoi

There are many reasons I approve of the Parfums de Nicolai brand, not least of which is the fact that it offers fragrances in adorable, manageable, and affordable little bottles such as the one above.  Would that other brands emulate this laudable practice!  I purchased Musc Monoi unsniffed because: a) I like Parfums de Nicolai; b) the little bottle was not a big enough cash outlay to give me the pause I should have taken; and c) it sounded yummy.  But unsniffed purchases so often go wrongly, and this is a fine example.  I liked the opening well enough - a bright neroli paired with a lush floral accord meant to mimic tiare.  Soon into the drydown, a milky coconut emerged, as well.  Not the most original of compositions, but I could still dig it.  However, once the "true" drydown came out to play, I went running for the shower.  The perfumer uses calone in this fragrance, which is often used to give an aquatic sort of vibe.  If used VERY sparingly, it can evoke a sea breeze or salty spray on the skin.  Here, it is too abundant and it gave me a queasy, scratchy sort of feeling that brought my enjoyment of this fragrance to a screeching halt.


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