Review: A Lab on Fire Rose Rebelle Respawn

A boozy rose, syrupy petals, underlaid with dark chocolate and green ivy.  Rose Rebelle Respawn is a strange name for a strange perfume.  In this case, it all works beautifully together.  The chocolate is bitter and powdery, while the ivy lends a bite.  The rose could be too sappy and even turn sour without these two anchors; instead it is warm, oddly unisex, and...unique.  It's hard to find something that smells like nothing else these days, but this one does just that.  I just wish A Lab on Fire would put a little more effort into its packaging.  I mean, look at that bottle - it's so cold and unadorned.  I hide it away on my vanity behind prettier bottles like a shameful secret, and as a result, don't reach for it nearly as often as I should - because I forget it's there!


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