Review: Becca Ultimate Color Gloss in Malibu Punch

I am normally a lipstick gal but when I saw this gloss from Becca on sale at Beautyhabit, something about that tangerine red just called to me and I was eager to see how such a vibrant color would translate in a gloss.  It did not disappoint.  I've never tried Becca glosses before so I don't know if they all perform this well, but this one lasts a good 6 hours on me, even through eating and sipping coffee all morning.  That's better than most of my lipsticks!  It's not completely opaque on the lips but it lends a good burst of color.  My pigmented lips lend it a deep pink tone.  Not exactly what I expected it to look like, but still lovely.  It doesn't taste like much of anything, and is not annoyingly tacky.  I'm very impressed.


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