Stunning Laduree Cosmetics Mini Haul

Laduree - the French bakery world famous for its delicious macarons - has come out with a makeup collection that is out of this world beautiful.  It's also crazy expensive and only available in Japan and France.  Needless to say, I saw some stock photos and had to have some.  I put an order in to a personal shopper and here are my new beauties.

Note the deliciously girly packaging.  That's really what you're paying for here - the aesthetic.  The makeup itself is not bad but really the price tag on these babies is driven by the exterior.

I purchased just two things - a cream cheek base (blush) and a face powder that is more like a blush/highlighter hybrid.  The cream cheek base is a cool pink.  The color is 04.  It's very creamy and blends nicely.  I do actually see myself using this often AND check out the beautiful case it comes in - like a Faberge egg!  It was $44 - not utterly outrageous, fairly on par with Chanel.  I don't feel that I was totally taken for a ride on this one and might pick up another color.

The face powder is another story.  It's absolutely beautiful - it looks like flower petals.  But it's very difficult to use because the petals containing the color are stiff, yet delicate, so I don't want to get in there and dig too hard with a brush or finger because I'm afraid of shattering them.  The color that I do get is more like a highlighter than a blush - more of a golden sheen, belying the petals' brilliant coral color. This is the MINI size and was $80.  Yes, you are reading that correctly - $80 for the mini of an item that doesn't seem to work properly.  This one WAS a total rip off and I'd advise you not to be seduced by the petals - it doesn't work.

If you have any questions, leave a comment below and I'll happily answer.


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